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Springdale, AR iPhone Repair Companies Can Help Extend Device Life

The latest version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, iOS 7, came with a wide assortment of new applications and redesigned features intended to increase an Apple device’s accessibility and versatility. In a recent advice column, Zack Whittaker of ZDNet highlighted one of the significant power-saving features of iOS 7:

“You can now limit which dormant apps download data, and therefore consume power, in the background. For instance, while it may be useful for a mapping app to provide you with up-to-the-minute turn-by-turn directions on the road, you may not want other apps, such as the Stocks app, to update if you’re not particularly interested in the financial market.”

Whittaker emphasized that iOS 7 gave users a greater degree of control over the power consumption of particular device functions than previous versions ever did. Among the operating system’s improved features include the ability to customize, and even disable, certain applications that constantly drain the iPhone’s power, such as Siri’s motion sensors, location-reliant systems and services, 4G and LTE connectivity, automatic Wi-Fi and Bluetooth searching, automatic software updates, and many others.

In addition, Whittaker noted that much of the responsibility for power management still lies with the end user. He advised iPhone owners to refrain from checking their devices unnecessarily, and recommended the purchase of portable chargers, power packs, and external batteries as a backup measure. Users are also warned to keep their devices within the manufacturer-recommended temperature range and not leave their phones in extremely hot or cold areas for prolonged periods.

Whittaker encouraged consumers to continuously monitor their hardware, especially the battery, for any signs of damage, as these can cause the phone to eat up energy inefficiently and may even harm the vital internal components. In such cases, owners can approach licensed Apple technicians or local companies such as Springdale, AR iPhone repair shop NWA Cell Phone Repair to assist with battery and device lifespans, as well as parts repair and replacement.

Owners who are searching for iPhone repair in Springdale, AR and the surrounding areas can depend on the fast services and lifetime guarantees offered by the likes of these repair centers to serve their needs.

(Source: 26 ways to improve your iPhone’s battery life, ZDNet, February 13, 2014)

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