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Springdale, AR Cell Phone Repair Company Assists in Reducing E-Waste

In a recent analysis piece, Jen Hart of the Niagara Sustainability Initiative described the ongoing issue of e-waste management. E-waste refers to old, unused, defective, or obsolete electronics that are meant to be thrown away. Hart pinpointed the danger posed by the careless and indiscriminate disposal of these devices:

“Many of these old electronics contain harmful materials such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead. Every year, thousands of tons of electronic items are thrown away and these toxic materials end up in the landfill.”

Hart said that a major contributor to this crisis is the policy of planned obsolescence, in which electronics manufacturers design and build rigid limits into the service lifetimes of devices to compel consumers to buy newer products as replacements. The StEP (Solving the E-waste Problem) initiative of the United Nations University estimated that the annual volume of outdated and non-functioning devices slated for disposal in the United States exceeded 9.35 million metric tons as of 2012. In addition, a recent report released by market research firm Marketsandmarkets projected a compound yearly growth rate of 17.6 percent in global e-waste output, culminating in a staggering 93.5 million tons annually by 2016. The availability of landfills and other appropriate disposal grounds is thus expected to become a real problem in the near future.

To address this issue, one that StEP called an “underestimated environmental problem”, Hart recommended users to practice recycling and think up new uses for old components. Hart also encouraged owners to save on long-term expenses by keeping their gadgets running for as long as possible and approaching local companies, such as Springdale, AR cell phone repair firm NWA Cell Phone Repair, for assistance in extending device service lifetimes.

Owners who are looking for experienced and knowledgeable companies offering cell phone repair in Springdale, AR can then make their own contribution in reducing unnecessary waste by prolonging the lifespan of their gadgets. Not to mention, it should also prove to be more economical for them as they won’t have to keep buying a new unit every time a new model comes out.

Another way of approaching the problem is for users to approach nearby recycling specialists or community recycling centers for help in disposing of said devices.

(Source: E-waste a big issue for Canadian landfills, Bullet News Niagara, March 18, 2014)

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