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How to See if You Need iPhone Repair in Springdale, AR

Did you need iPhone repair in Springdale, AR? Is your beloved iPhone stopped sending or receiving phone calls?  Was Siri unreliable for directions on your way to Magic Springs?

Yes, it can be very annoying when your cell phone isn’t working. However, all hope isn’t lost, because your cell phone might not be broken.

If you can’t get a hold of your favorite iPhone repair specialist you can use this blog post to determine if your cell phone is broken or not.

Answer these questions too see if you need iPhone repair in Springdale, AR:

  1. Is your iPhone still in airplane mode?
    If you can’t get make calls, receive texts, or use any of your cool apps there’s a chance that your iPhone is in airplane mode.  To turn off airplane mode go to settings and find airplane mode.  Now all you need to do is slide this slider to the left.  Once you do this is should say airplane mode is off.
  2. Does your iPhone have a signal?
    Take a look in the upper left corner of your phone and make sure you are receiving a signal.  You should see at least one bar.
  3. Are you blocking the antennae by the way you hold your iPhone?
    The way you hold your phone may block the internal antennae.  To prevent this from happening avoid holding the bottom of your phone when you’re talking or texting.  You can take this one step further and buy a case for your iPhone to prevent any mishandling of your phone.
  4. Have you restarted your iPhone?
    Sometimes this is all you need to get your cell phone working again.  To do this just hold the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time.  Wait until you see the silver apple logo to let go.
  5. Have you tried toggling airplane mode?
    Another simple thing you can do is to toggle airplane mode.  Just go back to settings and turn airplane mode on and off once.

If your phone is still not working after you go through this checklist you can stop by the shop and have us repair your iPhone for you.

Call us for reliable iPhone repair in Springdale, AR.

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