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Getting Reliable Springdale, AR Cell Phone Repair After Warranty Ends

Sometimes, it’s inevitable for cell phones to fall from one’s grasp and hit the hard concrete. Seeing the device with shattered bits and pieces of glass from the screen could truly devastate the owner. Plus, life without the handy-dandy smartphone is unconceivable.

Apparently, if the screen was damaged for the first time, smartphone owners can depend on their device manufacturer warranties and repair policies to have their units fixed. Residents of Arkansas, for example, who are looking for reliable cell phone repair around Springdale, AR can try to go to their phone manufacturers first. Android Authority reveals more, in an article, of which below is an excerpt:

“In a discussion about broken screens over at Reddit’s Moto X subreddit, several users revealed an interesting tip: it’s seems that you can often get your phone’s screen replaced after an accidental break, at no charge to the consumer. Looking for further clarification, we spoke to a customer service rep and confirmed that the free screen replacement service applies to any phone bought directly through Motorola or customized with the Moto Maker. This not only includes the Moto X, Moto G and Moto E but the policy will also be in place for upcoming devices such as the Motorola X+1.”

For owners of Motorola and other branded smartphones, who are more prone to mishaps when using their devices, this is, indeed, good news. The broken screen can be easily replaced within a week, without additional cost. However, the article states that the replacement for cracked displays is only good for one time, so owners need to be careful not to drop their phones a second time, especially when the warranty for repair of other parts has expired.

In case smartphone owners do drop their phones again, however, they can opt to go to a trusted Springdale, AR phone repair store like NWA Cell Phone Repair to have their units patched up. The store has experienced phone repair technicians who have undergone training and certification to be able to restore mobile phones. Aside from major repairs, the technicians can replace screens in as little time as possible, allowing smartphone owners to continue with their daily lives without further interruption.

(Source: Motorola will replace damaged Moto E, G and X display for free, if purchased directly from Moto, Android Authority, 13 June 2014)

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